Research at Cooper

Research Curriculum

Residents are provided mentoring and guidance through didactic series focused on principles of research and opportunities for mentored research projects. This curriculum allows residents to develop the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to develop a research project from hypothesis generation to publication. Residents at Cooper University benefit from the guidance of Dr. Elizabeth Cerceo, Associate Program Director, and Dr. Satyajeet Roy, Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Research Program. Their leadership allows residents to develop unique research projects and see them through.

Satyajeet Roy, MD, FACP

Elizabeth A Cerceo, MD

Satyajeet Roy, MD, FACP

Elizabeth A Cerceo, MD

Research Speed Dating

The goal of these 1-hour long events is to have attendings and fellows active in research in the Department of Medicine meet with residents who are interested in embarking on new projects. These events are held biannually.

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Program

The Cooper IM Residency program has a robust program to educate house staff in quality improvement and patient safety methodologies through numerous activities. A curriculum delivered through noon conference sessions educates residents on improvement science and change management. Residents have opportunities to participate in hospital committees focused on health care improvement as well as to volunteer to present and lead discussions at a Department of Medicine Systems Morbidity & Mortality Conferences that analyzes patient safety events and seeks to prevent them from reoccurring. Each resident will be involved in a QI project that will be presented at an academic medical conference. Our QI/PS program seeks to provide our trainees with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be able to evaluate opportunities for improvement in patient care and implement change for the better at a large tertiary care medical institution.

Independent Research Projects

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