What makes Cooper a great place to train?

We are dedicated to facilitating the development of well-rounded physicians and ensuring that each of our residents realizes his or her potential. The journey from novice to expert begins with our commitment to achieving excellence in medical education. We realize that our residents are mature, self-directed learners and we actively engage them in the development and implementation of our curriculum that focuses on the three pillars of medicine: the “science of medicine,” the “art of medicine” and the “business of medicine.” Our curriculum utilizes innovative pedagogical techniques that emphasize active learning during our many diverse conferences, clinical experiences and simulation scenarios.

2016-2017 Internal Med Group photo

Although we make it a priority to provide an exceptional didactic experience, we realize that medicine must be learned at the bedside. The diversity of patients and the scope of pathophysiological disease processes that our residents encounter on a daily basis is impressive. Our residency provides exceptional experiential learning in a wide variety of clinical environments where our residents apply evidence-based medicine under the tutelage of world-renowned faculty. We pride ourselves on not only on creating knowledgeable physicians, but also on instructing our residents on how to think and act as professionals. Here at Cooper we emphasize the importance of bedside diagnosis by facilitating the development of strong analytical clinical reasoning and physical examination skills.

Cooper University Hospital is the only academic tertiary care center located in southern New Jersey. As such, the other institutions in the region refer their most complex patients to our exceptional full-time faculty in all subspecialties of internal medicine. As a result, we have the privilege to treat diverse urban, suburban and rural populations from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Our clinical campus is renowned for its world-class ICU, level one trauma center and a Cardiac Center of Excellence in addition to its exceptional inpatient and ambulatory care. Currently, Cooper is enjoying additional expansion to its clinical and educational programs. The new MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper will revolutionize how we care for patients afflicted with neoplastic disease. In August 2012, we welcomed the inaugural class to Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU), our new four-year allopathic medical school that is committed to training the physicians of tomorrow in an innovative and supportive manner.

With an eye to the future of medicine, Cooper has been a pioneer in the implementation of medical technology. The residents at Cooper benefit from a fully integrated, electronic medical records system (Epic) that has led to safer and more efficient care in all clinical environments. In addition, all scheduling information as well as audio-video recordings of our conference series is available electronically to our residents so that they may access the material remotely via smartphone or computer at their convenience.

We are a residency program that will not become complacent.  Last year we unveiled our “4+1” block schedule to further improve the educational experience for our residents as well as the care that is provided to our patients. We also have a firm commitment to maximizing our housestaff’s quality of life and this new structure allows for protection from fatigue and more time to enjoy the things that matter most to you outside of medicine. Cooper’s location offers something for everyone. We are located minutes away from Philadelphia, the fifth largest city in America, and Cooper is an easy commute using readily accessible public transportation. If you prefer a suburban environment, many are a short drive away.

So if If you are interested in a cutting-edge program with a unique approach to providing exceptional clinical training and maintaining an excellent quality of life, Cooper is the place for you.

Life After Graduation

Our program is very proud of its success in developing well-rounded, strongly educated, inquisitive, and excellent clinicians who are prepared to enter the field of their choosing. Our graduates are practicing or training in a wide variety of places including California, Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, Missouri, Florida, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. A numerical breakdown of where our residents go after graduation is included below.  

  • 55 graduates over 3 years
  • 56% General Internal Medicine vs 44% Fellowship
    • General Internal Medicine Breakdown: 55% Hospital Medicine, 45% Primary Care
  • 83% Fellowship Match Rate
    • 70% Class of 2015, 90% Class of 2016, 89% Class of 2017
  • Fellowship Subspecialties Matched
    • Pulmonary and Critical Care: 5 (Cooper, UNC, Rochester, Buffalo)
    • Hematology and Oncology: 4 (Cooper, Beth Israel Newark, Lankenau)
    • Critical Care Medicine: 3 (Cooper, Mt Sinai, Baylor)
    • Gastroenterology and Hepatology: 3  (Cooper, Drexel)
    • Infectious Diseases: 3 (Miami, Yale, Maryland)
    • Cardiology: 2 (Cooper, St. Louis)
    • Nephrology: 2 (Jefferson, Robert Wood Johnson)
    • Endocrinology: 1 (Robert Wood Johnson)
    • Rheumatology: 1 (South Carolina)

Welcome to Cooper!