Global Health

The Global Health Initiative allows residents to experience the healthcare system in Ghana. International Healthcare Volunteers Inc. (IHCV), a nonprofit organization that provides free healthcare to women and their families in underserved areas, funds this program. Two senior internal medicine residents work alongside other Cooper residents and attending physicians from obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, emergency medicine and pediatrics to care for patients in inpatient and ambulatory settings during a two-week visit to Ghana.

“Traveling with International Healthcare Volunteers (IHV) was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to practice medicine in an under-served part of the world. I met many amazing volunteers, medical staff, and patients along the way. Not only was IHV a great learning experience from a medical perspective, it was also a great learning experience from a cultural perspective. I came back from Ghana with expertise in malaria management, new international friends, and an appreciation for jollof rice.”

-Savi Racha Class of 2021

“This experience allowed me to reinforce my physical exam skills and practice medicine with limited access to resources (like the internet) that we depend on every day. I learned about how medicine is viewed by people from other countries from my patients and other members of the health care field. We had a lot of fun getting to know others on the trip during our off time and exploring some of the markets and tourists sites.”

-Vaishali Patel Class of 2020

Guineaworm Eradication efforts poster

Handwashing poster in Ghana

Neck mass on patient in Ghana

Palm trees in Ghana

Rabies vaccines in Ghana

Photo from trip to Ghana

TB poster in Ghana

Our group on recent Global Health Initiative trip to Ghana

IHCV photo 1

IHCV photo 2

IHCV photo 3


VP and Savi

VP checking blood pressure

VP with an elephant

VP in Ghana