Scholarly Tracks

Scholarly tracks were developed to allow residents to begin to develop an area of expertise, while concurrently building their CV. Participation in a scholarly track gives residents the opportunity to develop a niche interest that can help to improve career satisfaction, and can support competitive fellowship and job applications. There are currently 16 unique tracks at Cooper. Each has its own requirements, and many provide residents with some form of specialty certification, such as instructor status for PALS/ACLS. Tracks focus on teaching residents skills that will be needed in their future careers: oral presentation, mentorship, scientific writing, administration, and continuous quality assurance.

Residents interested in a scholarly track work closely with track leaders. Tracks and their leaders are listed below:

Critical Care

J. Hope Kilgannon, MD
Emily Damuth, MD

Disaster Medicine Rick Hong, MD
Gerry Carroll, MD
Alexander Kuc, MD
EMDaily Haney Mallemat, MD
Richard Byrne, MD
Andrew Nyce, MD
EMS Gerry Carroll, MD
Aman Shah, MD
Lisa Drago, DO
Ethics Anthony Mazzarelli, MD, JD, MBE
Health Care Policy Anthony Mazzarelli, MD, JD, MBE
Radio Anthony Mazzarelli, MD, JD, MBE
Medical Student Education

Sundip Patel, MD
Stephanie Smith, MD
John Cafaro, MD
Jared Klein, DO

Patient Experience Tara Cassidy-Smith, MD
Andrew Nyce, MD
Pediatrics Sandy Nairn, DO
Process Improvement Catherine (Kate) Ginty, MD
Clinical Research Christopher Jones, MD
Brian Roberts, MD
Simulation Richard Byrne, MD
Substance Abuse Disorder Matthew Salzman, MD
Rachel Haroz, MD
Toxicology Matthew Salzman, MD
Rachel Haroz, MD
Ultrasound Alfred Cheng, MD
Lisa Filippone, MD
Joshua Rempell, MD
Sarab Sodhi, MD