Externship Rotations

Note: We will be accepting all applications through the APA portal going forward. Please submit all applications and materials there. 

Consultation Liaison Service

This rotation consists of inpatient hospital work across all medical departments. You will provide bedside assessment, consultation, brief CBT, ACT, and mindfulness skills. Patients are referred from across all medical departments and include Trauma, Oncology, Cardiology, Surgery, Critical Care, Pediatrics/PICU, General Medical/Surgical, and Emergency Medicine presenting with a variety of issues (e.g., adjustment to illness/injury, pain management, cognitive dysfunction, end-of-life issues, coping with treatment, marshaling social supports). There is extensive collaboration with medical teams, providing feedback and recommendations for care with goal to address psychological challenges related to medical illness. Research - Students will provide screeners and interventions for Trauma patients with elevated blood alcohol levels upon admission.  Students will also provide screeners for septic patients to assess depression, anxiety, trauma, and cognitive issues. Ongoing studies include examining adjustment to ostomies, satisfaction with Behavioral Medicine services and identifying personality attributes that are predictive of trauma symptoms. If students want to initiate health psychology research, we are very supportive of this! Groups - Development of support groups for patients and families across many areas including Oncology, Trauma, Peds, ICU groups, cardiology, and others. 

Comprehensive Early intervention Care Center CECC)/Infectious Disease

Integrated primary care focused on HIV population (also including high-risk pregnancy, HepC clinic, women's health); community-based clinic; consultation with a multidisciplinary medical team (ID physicians, Addictions Medicine, medical case management, pharmacy, psychiatry, advanced practice nurses). There will be some opportunities to see HIV and Infectious Disease patients inpatient as well. Research - involvement includes completion of structured clinical interviews (CDQ) for new patients, brief annual assessments of cog function, depression and anxiety, as well as substance use; involvement with Behavioral Health Integration Program (BHIP) of NJ and County Jail care coordination project. Groups - Development of support groups for HIV patients - med compliance, managing chronic medical issues

Urban Health Institute (UHI)

OP/IP clinical experience for medically compromised Camden population with co-morbid psychological challenges (depression, anxiety, compliance, poor lifestyle choices, etc). Background in MI is helpful. You will be able to see the same patients inpatient and outpatient, with the goal of reducing their inpatient admissions due to psychiatric issues and medical non-adherence. You will work collaboratively with physicians, social workers, and health coaches. There will be the opportunity to run groups to address diabetes, compliance with medical care and other topics. Groups - Development of variety of support groups for medically compromised patients - med compliance, managing chronic medical issues, diabetes, mindfulness, etc. 

OB/GYN, NICU, and Peds

IP Clinical experience evaluating NICU families and pediatric patients upon admission to the hospital and managing distress related to pre-mature births as well as general medical issues for the infant or child. OP Clinical experience maintaining caseload of Women/Families who have had challenging pregnancies, NICU infants, and acute or chronic health concerns in the child. Groups - Opportunity to develop support groups for PPD, NICU families, coping with loss, etc. ALL: Opportunities for assessment of cognitive functioning/neuropsych (MOCA, MMSE, RBANS) brief assessment of mood functioning (HADS, PTSS, PHQ9), opportunity for broader assessments as well ALL: Opportunities for Groups/individual therapy on our Inpatient Psychiatry unit working with individuals with Serious Mental Illness. ** This may become a full rotation for 2 full days, additional information to follow as Match Process continues.

Inpatient Psychiatry 

On this rotation you will spend your time on the inpatient psychiatric unit and/or emergency department performing screening, individual therapy, therapeutic groups, and clinical interventions.This rotation serves those with serious mental illness in both the inpatient psychiatric unit and the emergency department. You will engage in program development, group therapy, as well as individual therapy on the IP Psychiatry Unit. All patients are voluntary and there are never more than 12 patients on the unit. While in the Emergency Room, there will be opportunity to engage in brief interventions working with a collaborative medical team, brief individual therapy sessions, creating behavioral treatment plans and representing Behavioral Medicine as a whole within the context of a medical team. Students will have the chance to conduct assessments of cognitive functioning (MOCA, MMSE as well as additional assessment if desired). Clinical Interventions range from brief diagnostic screenings to one-hour interventions. Our orientation is cognitive-behavioral and we use a combination of CBT, mindfulness and Acceptance-based interventions such as guided imagery, breathing, and progressive-muscle relaxation regularly. There are weekly didactics, individual supervision, and group supervision as well as supervision from Licensed Clinical Psychologists and a Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Outpatient Psychiatry Mental Health Clinic

Externs will gain exposure and experience in providing individual psychotherapy to an adult population. Services will be provided to adults with a range of clinical presentations, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and grief, who often present with complex medical histories. Patients include adults living in Camden, as well as the greater south jersey area; SES is highly variable in our clinic. Reliable transportation is needed, as externs may need to travel to offices outside of Camden. Comfort in providing CBT to adults is preferred. For OP psychotherapy rotation - Mondays are required for didactics/group supervision and the 2nd day Tuesday is preferred due to space issues in the OP clinic.