Diversity in Graduate Medical Education at Cooper


GME Diversity Statement

The Graduate Medical Education programs of Cooper University Health Care is committed to providing a supportive environment that allows all members of its academic community to thrive and succeed. We work to recruit a diverse group of residents and fellows, and celebrate the multiple dimensions represented in our community, including, but not limited to race, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, or age. We recognize the importance of monitoring the outcomes of our diversity efforts so that we can better reflect the diversity of our patients and community. Through our GME Diversity Council, we promote on-going exploration of our own biases while also providing education on discrimination and anti-racism. We provide a safe space for residents to engage in dialogue, learn, and contribute to their fullest potential. We seek opportunities to enrich our community through volunteerism and to effect lasting change through engagement with local leaders.

We are proud. We are diverse. We are Cooper.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in GME

Cooper affirms a commitment to the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce.  It is the goal of the Graduate Medical Education department to increase the number of housestaff (residents/fellows), faculty and leadership positions of minorities underrepresented in medicine and create an environment that is welcoming and respectful of diversity of all. We embrace the philosophy that excellence in medical education, research and clinical practice is best achieved through promoting diversity in its broadest definition and maintaining an academic and work environment free of discrimination. We created a Diversity Council comprised of residents that champions issues of diversity, equity, and inclusions in education. The Council works with hospital administration and with GME to improve understanding of cultural characteristics and differences and to serve as a change agent to improve the organizational culture.

We also celebrate our differences, recognizing that we all can bring our uniqueness to the practice of medicine. Just as our patients come from diverse backgrounds, so to do we as physicians complement one another. Cooper University Hospital and the GME seek to create a welcoming environment for all, cutting across all barriers, be they socioeconomic, racial, gender, sexual orientation, religious, or cultural. We are committed to recruiting a diverse body of residents as well as reflecting that diversity in our faculty body.  There’s value in experiences with multiple perspectives, which inspires novel thinking, connecting thoughts in new ways, and different approaches to problem-solving.