Unit Descriptions and Points of Contact

Emergency and Trauma

  • Emergency Services, 1st Floor Kelemen: More than 5,000 visits per month. Primary and emergency care in a variety of settings including Fast Track, Adult ED and Pediatric ED.
  • Trauma Surgical Intensive Care, 3rd Floor Kelemen: The Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit (TICU) is a 16-bed unit designed for the care of the critically injured and acute surgical patient. Advanced invasive and non-invasive monitoring, therapeutic ventilation modalities, and other advance clinical interventions and assessments are utilized in this care setting. Comprehensive patient/family support and crisis interventions are rendered with support of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Trauma Admitting Area, 1st Floor Kelemen: Five-bay resuscitation area for acutely injured patients. Patients received by air and ground ALS services. Adult and pediatric patients are stabilized and then transferred to a definitive care area such as the Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit or Medical-Surgical unit.
  • Trauma Step-Down Unit, 7th Floor Kelemen: Trauma Step Down Unit (TSDU) is a nine-bed unit located on the north side of the seventh floor of the Keleman Building. Nursing care is provided 24 hours a day to a patient population as defined in the admission and discharge criteria. Comprehensive patient/family support and crisis interventions are rendered. Patients may include post-trauma and non-trauma critical care patients requiring continuous / frequent monitoring of hemodynamic, neurologic or vascular status, aggressive pulmonary toileting and support, and sedation and pain management.
  • North 7 Keleman: North 7 is a 23-bed surgical unit dedicated to the care of the acute trauma patient. When the trauma census is down, the patient mix will then include trauma, orthopedic, general surgical and medicine patients. The rooms are designed as two semi-private rooms with one single ADA room. Patients from adolescent through geriatric are treated on this unit. Emphasis is placed on the transition from the TAA, TICU or TSDU to the acute setting as patients and families address the sequel of trauma care.

Emergency and Trauma Contacts

  • Clinical Director of ED/CDU: Andrew Slifko
  • Nurse Educator for ED/CDU: Patricia Egenton
  • Clinical Director of Trauma: Diane Floyd
  • Clinical Director of N7/TSDU: Andrew Lampitt
  • Nurse Educator for Trauma: Jennifer Colona
  • Coordinator of Trauma Outreach: Debra Williams

Women’s and Children’s Services

  • Pediatrics, South 7 Kelemen: General Pediatrics (28 beds, ADC 10).
  • Pediatric ICU and Pediatric Intermediate Care Unit, North 6 Kelemen: Critical Care and Step-down Pediatrics (12 step-down beds, ADC 3)(6 critical care beds, ADC 3).
  • Neonatal ICU, 5th Floor Dorrance: Critically ill newborn care and transitional care (ADC 28 patients/day)
  • Labor and Delivery, Antenatal Diagnostic Center, 6th Floor Dorrance: Care of intra-partum patients in labor and delivery and those undergoing Cesarean sections. Manage and care for high-risk obstetrical patients. Three-bay triage area, six labor delivery/recovery rooms, two ORs, two-bed advanced care area, two-bay PACU (2,200+ births/year).
  • Labor and Delivery Triage: Mid-level practitioner to evaluate triage patients in partnership with residents and attending physicians (three beds).
  • Mother Fetal Care Unit, 5th Floor Dorrance: A nine-bed ante-partum unit with six additional rooms to house ante-partum overflow, post-partum patients (moms without babies) and mother-baby couplet overflow.
  • Mother Infant Unit, 3rd Floor Dorrance: A nine-bed ante-partum unit with six additional rooms to house ante-partumover flow, post-partum patients (moms without babies) and mother-baby couplet over flow.
  • Women’s Care Center, 3 Cooper Plaza: Three women’s health clinics per session, nine sessions per week. Clinics include: Obstetrics/Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology, Uro-Gyn, High-risk Obstetric and Colposcopy services (ADC 35 visits/day: 45 percent Gynecology and 55 percent Obstetric).

Women’s and Children’s Services Contacts

  • Interim Clinical Director of Pediatrics: Sue Cannon
  • Nursing Educator for Pediatrics: Marina Dvortsyn
  • Clinical Director of NICU: Kathleen Bloom 
  • Nursing Educator for NICU: Linda Wicker
  • Nursing Educator for L&D and M/I: Erin McCafferty


  • Progressive Care Unit, North/South 8 Kelemen: 72-bed cardiac telemetry unit.
  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab, South 4 Kelemen: Four cath labs and two electrophysiology labs that perform a variety of cardiac invasive diagnostic procedures. Also a procedure room for non-invasive studies as well as an outpatient admission and recovery area.

Cardiology Contacts

  • Clinical Director of the Progressive Care Unit (K8): Linda Faust
  • Clinical Educator for the Progressive Care Unit (K8): Ikyshia Orlena


  • North/South 10, Kelemen: 49-bed medical floor. CDU, peritoneal dialysis, insulin drips, medical telemetry, ventilator weaning program and 12-bed INCU.
  • North/South 9, Kelemen: is a 67-bed medical surgical unit with an oncology focus. The North side has a 33 bed capacity, and the South side has a 34 bed capacity. The unit specialization is on medical/surgical oncology patients, chemotherapy administration, and end-of-life care, including the nursing care management of post-operative and medical patients as well.
  • 6th Floor Pavilion: 30 bed medical/surgical /telemetry unit, with the capacity of a nine-bed intermediate unit. The focus of Pavilion 6 is general, colorectal, oncology, urology, bariatric, and emergency surgery.
  • 7th Floor Pavilion: 30-bed medical/surgical unit specializing in orthopedics & joint replacement, neurosurgery and neurology. The stroke and video epilepsy monitoring units are also incorporated on this floor.
  • 8th Floor Pavilion: 30-bed Telemetry & Intermediate Surgical care unit (ISCU). The focus and specialization is vascular, breast, ENT, gynecology, bariatric, emergency and oncology surgeries.
  • Pavilion 5- 30-bed medical-surgical oncology unit with telemetry.
  • Psychiatry, 5th Floor Kelemen: 14-bed psychiatry unit.

Medical/Surgical/Telemetry Intermediate Contacts

  • Clinical Director of K10: Stephanie Urbanski 
  • Clinical Educator for K10: Debbie Byrd
  • Clinical Director of K9: Krystal Lazos
  • Clinical Director of P6: Lynette Jones
  • Clinical Director of P7: Pamela Young
  • Clinical Director of P8: Kelly Ranjo
  • Clinical Educator for P6, P7, P8: Christie Perello
  • Clinical Director of K5: Lucy Suokhrie
  • Wound, Ostomy, Continence Director: Laurie Stelmaskie
  • Wound, Ostomy, Continence Coordinator: Linda Gazzerro