Journey to Nursing Excellence

An important aspect of the resulting work of our Journey to Nursing Excellence is the creation of an updated nursing shared-governance model to align the mission, vision, philosophy, and goals of Cooper nursing.

A shared-governance graphic was created to represent the eight nursing councils at Cooper and each council’s stake in the process. The graphic symbolizes how each council and council member supports the whole.

Journey to Nursing Excellence - Core Council Nursing GraphicCouncil Opportunities

Professional Development & Professional Recognition Council

To define, develop, operationalize and maintain efforts that serve to support the continual growth and development of our nurses while providing interventions that recognize and reward the professional achievements of our nurses in a manner that is meaningful and equitable. Contact us at

Nursing Practice Council

To maintain consistent alignment between Cooper Nursing practice standards and the most current evidence-based practice recommendations, guidelines, and regulatory standards. Serves to ensure that all Cooper Nursing Policies directly reflect current bedside practices.

Nurse Quality & Safety Council

To provide a system that continually assess and evaluates the inter-professional efforts that enable Cooper University Nurses to provide safe, high quality care to all patients while maintaining alignment with all regulatory guidelines and standards of clinical excellence.

Nursing Research & Evidence–Based Council

To support ongoing efforts that will encourage and facilitate nursing research as well as projects that will serve to the translate nursing research into practice through Evidence Based Decision Making efforts that result in the implementation of Evidence –Based Practice initiatives.

Advance Practice Council

To provide clinical leadership and practice guidance through education, collaboration, peer review. This council promotes opportunities that enhance the professional growth and development of our advanced practice nurses through every stage of practice from novice through experienced. This council will provide the foundation for advanced practice nurses to identify, develop, and implement opportunities to leverage their knowledge, experience, expertise, as clinical leaders to support and nurture the ongoing development of their APN peers as well as our direct care nurses.

Clinical Informatics Council

To provide ongoing leaderships and expertise related to the development and implementation of information technologies and electronic solutions designed to support excellence in patient care and nursing practice. This council serves to provide structure and support to nurses and members of the inter-professional care team that interface with and are impacted by information technology during their daily work routine.

Clinical Excellence Council

To provide a forum for direct care nurses and nursing leaders share their thoughts and ideals as they collaborate to support the identification, creation, and implementation of efforts to create and sustain a healthy work environment that will empower nurses of all experience, educational, and practice levels to actively and successfully contribute our overarching goal of becoming center for nursing excellence.

Nursing Leadership Council

To foster an environment that supports excellence in nursing through the ongoing development of authentic and transformational serving leaders. This council will provide an environment for current and future nursing leaders to attain and develop the necessary acumen to lead successful change and influence nursing culture. This council will also educate and enhance the ability of our leaders to inspire, encourage, and empower our nurses to be courageous, take initiative, lead innovation. Through continued leadership development opportunities, our Cooper Nursing Leaders will empower our nurses to establish and sustain a successful self-governing nursing program that supports our pursuit of clinical excellence while enabling our nursing division to achieve high quality outcomes for patients cared for across all continuums of care.

Coordinating Council

To serve as the governing body for the over-all group of councils that comprise the Nursing Shared Governance Model for Cooper University This council provides leadership, support and guidance to all Nursing Councils and serves to ensures successful inter-collaboration between all Cooper Nursing Councils.

Unit Based Council

To provide a formalize structure at the unit level that empowers nurses to identify opportunities and solution based interventions that will enhance and improve nursing practice within their clinical unit. The council will elect worthy peers to serve as co-chairs that will guide and support the ongoing functions of the UBC in a manner that ensures its sustainability and success.