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Bridges is a publication by Cooper nurses to share best nursing practices through educational articles that stimulate thinking and drive research. The ultimate goal is to refine and enhance patient care. Bridges also serves to highlight and celebrate the many accomplishments of the Cooper Nursing team.

The mission of Bridges is to communicate and educate nurses and healthcare professionals to foster excellence in the delivery of patient care.

From Senior Nursing Leadership

Danielle Majuri, MSN, RN, APRN Danielle Majuri MSN RN APRN
AVP Regulatory and Population Integration

As healthcare continues to change, healthcare systems are forced to explore different options for how nurses provide care to our patients and the community. How do we keep healthy people healthy? How do healthcare providers prevent progression of chronic diseases in our patients?

First, the core of population health is to segment the population for which you are attempting to serve into five categories:

  • Healthy
  • At risk
  • Acute/episodic
  • Chronically ill
  • Catastrophic

Next, examine each category and think about how we, as nurses, manage the patients within each of these realms.What tactics can we utilize to keep healthy people healthy? Some measures are as simple as encouraging a proper diet and regular exercise. How do we move patients through an acute health crisis? For example, a patient has a fall and fractures their hip. Our goal is to provide the surgical intervention to repair the fracture,recover the patient postoperatively while preventing complications and coordinate discharge to home or rehab for maximum recovery.

In this edition of Bridges,we explore healthcare topics that center on caring for all categories of our patient population. A few topics include training community members to provide basic life saving measures when someone is actively bleeding, preventing avoidable complications in the acute phase of care, advocating for our patients and spanning healthcare delivery across the continuum to assist patients who are at risk or chronically ill.

Enjoy these wonderful articles outlining how Cooper cares for our population

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Spring/Summer 2018 
Volume 12, ISSUE 1

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